THE SOIL: A few kilometers from SAINT-EMILION, the commune of SAINTE TERRE is divided between two age-old activities: Fishing on the Dordogne River and wine-making.

It is at the heart of this land that since 2010, CRESUS marked the revival of an estate where only the best vines have been kept.

MERLOT, rooted on just over 6 hectares of draining sandy gravel soil, is the main grape variety of CRESUS’s 45 year old vineyard.

With a yield of 40 to 45 hectoliters/hectare, the annual production is of 30 to 35,000 bottles and magnums. MERLOT matures early and provides aromas of red fruit. Softer and fleshier than its cousin Cabernet, it gives a supple wine with rapid development.


In order to preserve its natural qualities and let it fully express in the mouth, this MERLOT is only subtly and lightly wooded.

CRESUS’s structure combines the pleasure of a youthful wine, rich in fruit, with the pleasure of patience by placing it in the cellar for up to 5 or 6 years as it develops other flavours.

In this respect, the magnum will prove ideal for slower maturation to help retain the fruity nature of MERLOT

Since 2020 CRESUS is now committed to an ORGANIC process